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  1. How might my gift change me and allow me to invest myself more meaningfully in this vision for Resurrection Life Church and our community?

  2. Am I thinking in a way that is easy and effortless, or challenging and requiring more discipline to be selfless in response to this vision?

  3. What things can I afford, and am I intentionally choosing to live without because I am committing to give sacrificially? Can I postpone a desired vacation or new purchase in order to give more?

  4. Can I rearrange my financial priorities to better reflect the order of what I really love? Am I thinking creatively about a comprehensive giving plan that represents what I am capable of giving?
  5. What assets and resources could I use as a gift beyond my income?

  6. Am I discovering a new joy in giving through this process?   Do I see giving as an act of worship?
  7. Am I excited about the possibilities of what the Lord will do with the resources that He has entrusted to me when I dedicate them to Him.

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